Alcohol will not allow me to burn to 3 drives simultaneously


I am trying to burn to a Nec 3500 and 2x Nec 4550 simultaneously but Alcohol advises that “This version only supports 36 recorders” but I’m only trying to burn to 3!

It works perfectly burning to just the two nec 4550 simultaneously but when I try to include nec 3500 its advises of the 36 drive rubbish.

Please advise.

i know u are askin about Alcohol but nero as the option to use multipal recorders when burning aswell may be it might work for u hope it helps

thanks but nero is the worst burner I’ve ever come across.

Are you using the trial version or full retail version ?

full version. As I say its states I can only use up to 36 drives and yet I am only trying to use 3.

Well as your using a full version, i realy dont know why your posting your problem here and not in our own dedicated support forum, while we do occasionaly visit this forum and offer advice and help it is not our main concern.

I suggest you email me and quote this topic so that i know what its in relation to, please include in your mail a full system report from within Alcohol including any error you recieve this will help us locate and resolve your problem.

Technical questions of this nature realy are better suited to our own support system rather than thrown out to the masses who may or may not know the correct solution to the problem.

ok thank you and will do.

To be quite honest my first point of call is always the ‘masses’ as this route often gives the quickest solutions. Company’s own tech support is often VERY slow and more often than not they tend to be as helpful as a 16 year old dixons worker trying to explain the different Intel and AMD. :stuck_out_tongue: