Alcohol Virtual Drives and Ravenshield

How can I make Ravenshield think it needs to read from drive I instead of drive D?

I copied Generals, Battlefield and Ravenshield and mounted them all (G H and I respectively). Generals and Battlefield both just detect where I mounted it. Ravenshield wants the CD to be in the D drive, however. Is there a way to set it to look in the I drive?

Have you installed the game from the mounted image in I: ?

Sometimes it is only possible to play the game from the drive it was installed from (faulty coding). Perhaps the company released a patch making this possible (seen this a while back with an old game, that didn’t take into account people could have more than one HDD and/or CD-ROM/RW).

I don’t know if playing around with the registry will help…but do that at your own risk.

I looked in the registry, and nothing turned up. I installed it from D. How would I install it from I since it is 2 discs? Mount disc one, run it, then halfway through the install mount disc two?

Just tried running the game with the CD in my E drive (DVD Drive). Didn’t work there either, so I have a feeling its hard coded to the D:, which is very lame IMO.

Ohhhkay…I just put the CD back into the D drive and tried to play and it said please insert a valid CD. So after fooling around, I finally had to turn off ALL my virtual drives for the game to load, including my Generals and Battlefield one. Ravensheild would not work with ANY virtual drives present.

Isn’t blacklisting legal software an illegal practice?

WTF. Now i find this on

Q: I have installed the 1.2 patch, but now when I start the game I get an error message that says “Please insert the correct cd-rom…”

A: If you are using a no-cd crack, you will need to to a clean install of the game. If you have any type of virtual cd-rom software (120% alcohol, daemon tools, ect) installed, you will need to disable or remove them from your system.

This REALLY pisses me off. This is their half-asses attempt to stop piracy, but at the same time cuts out many legitimate uses. This has to be illegal.

It’s not , if it’s notified to you before you accept the license agreement.

It doesn’t make it right , but it’s legal unfortunately.

By the way, sorry for the multiple posts. Didnt know thos forum had edits till a second ago.


This wouldnt piss me off so bad if it just disallowed virtual drives only for RS. But I have to also disable my Generals and Battlefield VDs in order to run Ravenshield. So now when I want to play some of my games, I have to search through the library of 200 or so PC games I have, and hope the damn CD is in th box and unscratched. Grrr.