Alcohol Virtual Drive error

Every time I start my PC and run Alcohol 120 %, i get an error message:

Loading Alcohol Device Drivers Failed. Emulation Options and native driver interface of Alcohol 120% will not be avalible

It started when I installed Daemon tools and The Sims 2: Nightlife. Then I removed Daemon, because I didn’t need it - And sort of since then I have this problem with Alcohol.

If I remove Alcohol and reinstall it, everything works - but only until I reboot the system… then I get the same message again…

I think it might be caused by The Sims: Nightlife (it checks for emulation software, right ?), but I’ve no idea what actually causes the problem and/or how to solve it…

I use Alcohol 1.9.2. 4719 on WinXP Pro