Alcohol Version released

Changelog for this version is

  1. NEW. SPTD driver version 1.35.
  2. NEW. Full Windows Vista RC2 (Build 5744) compatibility 32Bit and 64Bit editions.
  3. NEW. RMPS V2, a totally new generation of our RMPS feature
  4. NEW. Option to install Alcohol with or without Virtual drive function.
  5. NEW. EWSS (Enhanced Weak Sector Scanner).
  6. NEW. Shell Context Menu support in all x64 platforms. (XP, Windows Server 2003 and Vista RC2).
  7. UPDATE. Shell Context Menu to sort drive list by drive letter, and single menu item when only one virtual drive is installed.
  8. UPDATE. Alcohols Sector Viewer in CD/DVD Manager, now provides more detailed information for DVD.
  9. UPDATE. Alcohol data type profiles.
  10. UPDATE. “Ignore Media Type” Function; to include DVD media.
  11. UPDATE. Alcohols help files
  12. UPDATE. Language Translations
  13. UPDATE. Alcohols Virtual Drive engine.
  14. UPDATE. Alcohols write engine
  15. UPDATE. Alcohols read engine
  16. FIX. Missing installed device drivers list in Alcohols system report for X64 platforms.
  17. FIX. “Invalid User Buffer.” Error, that affected some systems.
  18. FIX. Minor bugs reported by users.
  19. FIX. Problem related to U3 USB if RMPS function was active
  20. FIX. Problem related to Acronis True Image issue
  21. FIX. Problem related to Mac Drive issue
  22. ADDED. Support for more devices, you can find more detailed information on our development page at

Most significantly, and what’s not stated in the changelog is that the improved RMPS function now permits working physical back-up copies of safedisc protected dvds (with RMPS emulation enabled, of course). :slight_smile:

Sorry for the totally newbee question, but do this mean that now it’s possible to burn a disc and use the disc instead to mount an image on a virtual drive?

Yes :slight_smile:

Cool. And what is with securom?

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Well i been using that feature for awhile by saving all my my ISO, BIN, MDS, ect. directly to a DVD or hard drives. Its great that way because if you have say a 5 disk game of just a coupler smaller than DVD sized games you can burn them to a 1 DVD and mount as needed. Also DVDs reads are generally faster on DVDs than CDs so you can install things faster that way

Hey, in this new version, there isn’t a Shell Context menu for virtual drive mount processes. In past versions, there is shell context menu when you right click to an image file or virtual drive in My Computer. Anyone knows hot to fix it?

best thing to do would be send a System Report to Alcohols Support Team quoting this post.

But it changes from version to version. In, we have a shell context, but in this latest, we have not. And nothing has changed in the system when i’m installing this version. It’s all relatod to Alcohol i think, but why? And System Report gives nothing valuable for solution to this problem.

I think we have a better idea if a System Report is needed than you, if you wont send one then you will get no help from Alcohol-Soft, and guess what you have the problem not us.


No report, no support.


Thank you for your system report, however you are using an illegal version of Alcohol and therefore you’ll get no support. Why people believe they have a right to support when they pirate is totally beyond me.

Gotta be the best thing I’ve seen.
Trying to get support for a pirate version - classic :slight_smile:

All these NEW features look very promising…will give it a go. :iagree:

Sorry to say its all to common, not classic at all. It happens in alot of the other software forums also. Its sad.:frowning: