Alcohol "Unleashed"

Hi …just tried for first time to copy using Alcohol, have a problem thou…did an image of sims unleashed using writer (liteon 24x). Burned the image using custom profile and unchecked the “bypass efm” when i try and play (on my daughters pc using samgsung cd-rom…game was installed from original cd ) I get the "insert cd "box…so I failed. Read about using safedisk 2 profile and uncheck “EFM bypass” but when I uncheck the box it only gives me the custom profile and not safedisk2 ??? Have I missed something ??

thats normal. if you change something like uncheck efm, the profile custom… will be selected. you can make your changes under properties…

thx for info…made the changes in recording options. Will let you know how i get on.

no problem :cool:

with your liteon 24x do not need to check the option “bypass EFM”.
I habe a liteon 24102b and I have copied perfectly Sims Unleashed and Fifa 2003 without checking “EFM bypass” because that option has the same function than AWS at CloneCD. (to help one sheep burners to write correctly sd and up)

Ok did a burn and got a working copy…all plays on daughters pc with no emulation s/w on. I then tried it on a laptop with no success…asked for cd, the laptop had a cdrw drive dont know if that was the prob.

Originally posted by Faithslayer
the laptop had a cdrw drive dont know if that was the prob.

Yep, that’s the problem. If you want to play a copy of a recent safedisc protected cd from a writer, you have to have alcohol’s don’t detect media type or clonecd’s hide cd media (or an equivalent utility) enabled.

hi phil…is it just a case of installing Clonecd on the laptop with a “tick” on hide cdr media ???

Yep, that should do the trick.

thx phil…have a beer on me :slight_smile: …worked fine on laptop once cdclone was installed.