Alcohol Trouble Burning ISO

I am trying to burn an ISO image file and when I insert a blank DVD, it appears that everything is ready to go except it says “Empty Disc (DVD)” when it tells me to insert an empty DVD.

How do I fix this? I have a Sony DVD+/-RW DW-D56A on my Dell XPS M140 Laptop.

Please help

Try putting in a CD instead.

#1 Alcohol burns mds images not isos (same thing tho) (I am technical)

#2 Try Dvd Decryptor! Its free! And reads and writes isos to hardrive!

#3 Uninstall Alcohol 120, restart comp, reinstall, restart, then see if it works…

[QUOTE=zamiell;2152798]Try putting in a CD instead.[/QUOTE]

It said there was not enough space on the media. It is 2.8gb ISO file.

Try a different blank DVD, if your using a mini dvd thats why it wont burn…

Are you sure you’re putting in a DVD? How did you make the image and what is it an image of?