Alcohol trial version expired?



I have downloaded the trial version of Alcohol 120% two days ago.

After installing, I simply can’t run the software because it states the evaluation period has expired.

It’s the first time I installed Alcohol on my computer, so my question is : does Alcohol evaluation stop at a given date? (like Nero does)

Actually, it’s not clearly stated on Alcohol’s website.

If it is so, can we expect a newer version that will be useable after downloading?

NB : I’ve been to Alcohol’s website and there’s a thread about correctly setting the computer clock. As a note, I’ve not tampered with the clock.

Thanks for your help


How many CD’s did you backup with this trail version?

I can’t remember off hand but one of the trail versions of CD burning software I’ve used had a limit as to how many CD’s you could burn.


Hi grenet_ghost,

if you never ever installed Alcohol on your system before there shouldn’t be a problem like yours. So as far as I know you got 2 or 3 weeks for testing this wonderful program :bow: :bow: :bow: I’m not quite sure about the period :slight_smile: and it’s full working in your test period there are no limits or any restrictions if I’m wrong please correct me :bigsmile:
This is not a real help for you I know :stuck_out_tongue: but just ask at their support forum they will help you
The only legal but stressful way I can think about is formating your system :sad:


Thanks for your answers.

Oddly enough, I had just formatted my system to cleanly install my newly acquired NEC2500a (and removed SCSI devices).

So the registry was perfectly clean and the winnt/system directory too.

ZIB : with blindwrite 4, there was a notice sayin you had already burnt “n” CD-R and that asked you to register (without hampering you to burn other CD in the allocated evaluation period, though)

I heard a new version of Alcohol is around the corner… I’d prefer to wait a lill while before formatting and installing the new version.


I’m also waiting for the new version :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: and hope it’ll be there the next days as rumours are afloat :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


There is no exact date for the new Alcohol release, but you can expect it very soon. Some final tests are being done by both Dev team/beta testers and it shouldn’t take long. But as I said, there’s no exact release date, it can be tomorrow or the next week, who knows…