Alcohol takes ages to dump Audio CD



Can anyone tell me why Alcohol’s taking over an hour to dump an audio CD using the out-of-the-box “Audio CD” dump settings?

(Is it cos of RAW Mode, or error correction or what ?) :confused:
Ok, and now it’s finished, I get a “First INDEX of file does not start at 00:00:00” error when trying to mount it. This CD reads as a normal bunch of files in Explorer, which I assume means no protection - so why the problems?


Well, thought I’d reply to myself (madness surely)

Just tried the dump with my nice newer LiteOn DVD writer, and it was pulled off much quicker!

Would this be due to the difference in the size of the buffer? (2048KB v’s 128KB) cos the read speed difference isn’t so much (40x v’s 32x)