Alcohol software officially released - beats CloneCD?

I just posted the article Alcohol software officially released - beats CloneCD?.

vodka used our newssubmit to tell us that Alcohol Software has officially released Alcohol 120%. You might have heard about this software as releases have been leaked on the internet and several…

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I was very pleased with the software when I tested it for our multiple recorders review. The program looks great, is easy to use and simply does a good job copying games. Tested SecuROM new with a Plextor and Yamaha recorder which worked fine. The only thing I don’t like is that it adds a new virtual drive to your system. This is of course for the emulation part but if you have a lot of drives on your computer like I have the drive letters can get confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

A feature that I would find useful is the fact that you don’t need to keep inserting the appropriate CD to play a game. This would be especially useful with unattended kids and thus eliminates scratched and dirty CDs :slight_smile: Anyway, with todays high capacity hard drives, having to run software from CDs seems ridicules. I know some software companies such as Autocad use dongles for copy protection, but I could imagine a long string of these hanging from the back of a PC! :9 Drive lettering use to be a problem with me until I gave appropriate letters to drives, e.g. Z for Zip Drive, V for DVD ROM, R for Recorder (CD Writer), S for SparQ drive, P for programs partition), etc.

“vodka used our newssubmit to tell us that Alcohol Software” Am I the only one who sees the joke in this :wink: Guess that program will help ugly girls look like hot chicks :9

that’s not true. I’ve been using AutoCAD for 6 years and never have i seen this “dongle” that you talk about. What is a dongle anyways???

The dongle is on 3DSMAX, a dongle is a little piece of hardware that plugs into the computer… USB, Serial, Parallel, sometimes it plugs into a proprietary PCI device. It can be used for copy protection, or on GeForce4 ViVo’s and Dazzle’s, the Dongle simply wires connectors for RCA jacks.

Just get a master codes, then you don’t need the Dongle. I know, thats all I am saying Greets From The Diplomat :slight_smile:

just curious… what the hell is the difference between FantomCD and Alcohol120%???personnally I prefer FantomCD!! :8

As i first read this News i was like “Cool a great new Software” but … erm … I have to pay for Alcohol !!! No Way. I`ll stick to Daemon Tools (which is free) and NoCD Cracks. Pff. Another Pay Software. Duh! ViRuZ :r

The difference between FantomCD & Alcohol 120% is that FantomCD only makes a ghost of your respective CD on your Harddrive. Alcohol 120% allows you to burn CDs as well. The reason you have to pay for software is so that people take the time to actually research it and update it (and so that people who write software can actually do it as a job :slight_smile: ). At the moment Alcohol is just at its starting stages, E-soft are constantly adding and upgrading it. And yes i think there are quite a few things that need to be added - but i’m definatley please with my investment and am looking forward to the extra features. :d