Alcohol Software moves domain, old webhost scams customers

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  Spazmogen,  nebiun and kingloui all used our  newssubmit to tell us that the sales of Alcohol Software apparently has stopped.  On the old domain  and website of the software...
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I hope they moved domain to Antigua,so that we finally will see a Alcohol version that can handle EVERY protection…:B

Fubra is FUBAR :+

Fubra can’t take their cut anymore, so they get all mad like a bunch of 12yr olds and try to destroy that which gave them (hopefully a decent amount of) money.

If you live in the UK and don’t feel like emailing them, perhaps a phone call to Brendan McLoughlin (managing director) or Chris Pike, both associated with Fubra, would be effective. Their phone number is 08701222600. Interestingly enough, Fubra may have been involved in an IPBlock hijacking: Brendan has “an interest in domain name disputes and spend a lot of time helping people defend their rights against reverse domain name hijacking attempts.” He apparently spends the rest of his time doing his own hijacking and libeling trademarked business names.

It’s a sad state of affairs when it is illegal to purchase something that may be used to break the law but has a perfectly legitimate use day-to-day. I can use my car to run someone down, but Europe doesn’t make that illegal. This boils down to ridiculous trade agreements with the US. We really should stand on our own two feet :B If you believe the Fubra viewpoint that is… Who knows what is really going on? I’m not sure I trust the Alcohol team to give a straight answer. Either way I doubt this will make Alcohol 1) Increase the frequency of updates 2) modularise blacklist checking (such a pointless program at the moment as updates are blacklisted the moment they are released) 3) Make the developers more responsive to feature requests (a forum where people ask, but are ignored does not cut it) 4) Treat customers with any respect (check the alcohol support forum). It makes me mad to be a customer at times. ‘It will be ready when it is ready’ or ‘we are working on it’ are not acceptable or professional responses to the people who keep them in business. Treat us with contempt and suffer the consequences - especially as they need us (customers) more now than ever… That is my viewpoint anyway :wink:
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hmm, you must have visited a different forum then. I found the alcohol-forum to be very good! development team members quickly respond to any reasonable question.

It’s very likely the crew will remove this message, but I think the CDFreaks visitors have the right to hear the other side of the story as well as the above speculation:
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Absolutely nothing stated in Fubra’s version justifies in any way their lying on that web site. They have quite deliberately placed untrue information there (that alcohold software is no longer selling the product), and they have “signed” that information as coming from alcohol software. Neither is true. If they want to put up a simple “This site is closed.” page, fine. The page they have put up was deliberately and maliciously intended to hurt alcohol software by making untrue statements, and hopefully constitutes actionable libel under UK law.

“Alcohol Software” is a trading style of Fubra Limited, as anyone who has purchased the software will know as it says so in the registration e-mail that is sent out, and said so through out the old site “Alcohol Soft” is trading style of Alcohol Soft Ltd.

Hum,dividezero, the fact that Fubra host your web site and that you recently spent some months working in their office makes the post on your web site a little one sided!!! the facts of the case as you put it can be seen in the thread in the forum here at least Alcohol are being open and honest with their users …

Phoenix, quote from cdr-zone: “Obviously we know Fubra anyway and so you could say this is not an impartial view because they host our site but I am only going to stick to the facts which I know to be correct so there is not any of my own opinion.” I am not biased - I just used cdr-zone as a spokesperson for Fubra. I do not want to get involved too much because I dont know all the cold hard facts. I just thought everybody had the right on BOTH sides of the story don’t you think? The side of Alcohol Soft seems pretty clear IMO where Fubra’s side wasn’t thats all.
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From your own “company” website: What started out as a personal hobby, became in handy once Fubra started promoting Alcohol 120%. With 2.000 daily visitors, all interested in CDR & DVD related topics, it became a nice sales stimulator for this burning application.

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what is your point dominator 2.000 is a little outdated btw :wink:
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This extract is taken from the ex-Admin of the CD-Mate forum. "As some of you might already seen, i’ve been set to a moderator only status now, with all the negative posts about the software removed. I wasn’t in anyway contacted about this, but the great people at Fubra decided best. So the bad news is that this site will soon no longer be running but… " The developers of CD-Mate and now DVD-Mate are also moving to a new site

Who really knows what has happened, and how has the hard facts on paper, not verbal. What seemed to have started out as a normal post has shown most of you to act like kids, screaming your heads off to no avail. Whats happened, a little rift between 2 companies basically and thats it. You accept it or you don’t, then you show your true colours!! I have know Dividezero for many years and he is clued up on what he knows. Fact The wiseman knows what he doesnt know and the prudent man respects what he cannot control. For the people who cannot understand that statement it means the wiseman has no knowledge of a particular event/subject, therefore he realises this and doesn’t attempt to make mockery of himself. The prudent man realises he is out of his depth and therefore leaves well alone. FYI Cdr-Zone is a respected and professional site, and have alot of interest and dealings with companies who visit. Accept the fact why argue over a little topic when there are far worse things happening in the world. Get Real… :S
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