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Well no matter how this draws out, I’ve enjoyed using Alcohol 120%, found it perfect for my own use, and will continue to use it and support the alcohol team where I can.

So it appears that Alcohol Soft do have access to all the e-mails for each serial and should therefore be able to provide us with access to their new site, unless of course they have somehow lost that data.

Hum Dario, you obviously dont read, and i suspect you were cohersed into posting here simply by the link you have posted the fact thats its your first post ever here and the fact that this site is hosted by Fubra and the webmaster has worked with them for some months…

What a mess :slight_smile:

Paul we will do anything that is in the best interest of our visitors/your customers, please keep us updated and we will pass the information to your customers when required.

What a mess is right, and it’s us their customers taking it in the shorts, it would appear that they are at an impasse and it’s us the customers who are taking it in the shorts, I do know that no matter how you look at it it is Alcohols responsibility to honor the obligations they made to their customers, I am a registered user I do not have a download link, I cannot obtain one.
I do know that Alcohol is not illegal, their focus has never been on making copies but only creating images on ones hard drive, it’s us and how we chose to use the software that determines if it’s illegal or not, no country has made it against the law to copy my own disks or videos i’ve created from my own vacation, family gathering or whatever, I guess Fubra has decided this on their own But I really don’t care about THEIR mess, not anymore we have all asked for download links we have all asked for support and all we get is please wait, please bear with us, lifetime updates and support, I guess now we all understand it was the lifetime of the software, you should have had some type of solution for your customers by now, I’ve emailed Fubra that didn’t work, time for another solution.

What I don’t understand is why isn’t this discussion happening at the alcohol support site where alot of customers are, how many of them even know about cdfreaks?

Anything? :slight_smile:

What I don’t understand is why isn’t this discussion happening at the alcohol support site where alot of customers are, how many of them even know about cdfreaks?

Could it be that our purchased users are aware of the problem and dont see the need to make an issue of it at this time, after all there is no recent update , we have made a statement that we will resolve the log in problem and that unlike other companys Alcohol will honour its commitent to its customers.

At this time i realy dont see what your complaint is if you need the latest version, let us know in the purchased user section of Alcohol support forum and we will get it to you

I did ask, not there but over here because this is where all the discussion is I asked for you guys to put a link in the customers section already, .


You and others will be pleased to know that after many hours we have now been able to put together most of our users details to enable them to log into the new site at

As we do not have all purchased user information from Fubra we have worked with information recieved from emails etc,

If you find you can still not log in please contact me directly at with as much details about your purchase as you have, ie purchase ID# serial number issued etc.

Many thanks to those who have already contacted us with this information.

I have just logged in and downloaded lastest version. So im very very happy. Well done lads. a happy customer here as always :bow:

Well It worked for me, and I only rang them a couple of hours ago,
Well done to the team and thanks. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

Well, I decided to reply to the fubra email above. Wonder what this will do.


Thanks for being prompt with your reply.

I fail to see how your contract with Alcohol soft is a contract between me and them. I purchased my licence through yourselves, as the following quote taken from the receipt shows.

Your debit/credit card statement will show payment
to ‘The Fubra Group’ for this transaction
( is a trading style of Fubra Ltd.)

Now as far as I am aware, under the sale of goods act, you are liable to any failure on your part of the contract as the retailer, entered into with me, the customer, to provide me with the support that was promised, for the software .

Now all I am asking is for you to provide them with the details of purchase for Alcohol Soft to take over the support you have failed to supply, due to whatever problem you have with them.

The wheres and whys of them already having, or not, the details of your customers isn’t my problem, it is yours. If you will not provide me with support for the software, then give them the details to do so, or repay me my money.


Gary Jones

hopefully the alcohol teami s working on starforce 3 i heard a couple of russian programmers made a starforce emulator programthat works

Thanks fella’s you done good, I hope everything else works out ok for the rest of it.

Alco makes irreparable harm to programmers. It kills work of great developers.
The Alcohol should be as illegal as a drug.

wat r the developers working on next thats wat i want to know, they never say wat will be in next release at least give us a to do list or something

Alco makes irreparable harm to programmers. It kills work of great developers. The Alcohol should be as illegal as a drug.

that is an ignorant statement, developers kill their own software by using copy protection thats isn’t compatible with all hardware, word of mouth gets out and thats the end of that, why would people buy a game that doesn’t work in their drives, safedisc has a list of incompatible drives. Once a game is opened most places won’t take it back and developers refuse to give a money back warranty for a defective product.
You can’t show me where I use Alcohol for illegal purposes, because I for one do not,

Alcohol Team does not reveal what’s being worked because competitors might steal the idea and release any new feature first. And even Alcohol beta testers and translators don’t know what’s being done most of the times, so you will have to wait until the next release.