Alcohol Soft Sales site

As of 12.00 GMT tonight 30th June you will no longer be able to purchase or download Alcohol products from the old domain name.

Alcohol soft will be hosting its own sales site, unrestricted by third party ideas and confusing systems.

We have developed what we hope is a simple system for present users to download updates, check their serial number etc, and an easy to follow purchase procedure for new purchasers.

As an added bonus for new purchasers who own a lap top or a second PC we are offering Alcohol 52% at half price when purchasing Alcohol 120%.

We hope that you like the new look and simple procedures but naturally we welcome any constructive comments.

Rumours that Alcohol have sold their software or have stopped development are just that RUMOURS, if anything we have stepped development up and have some new and exciting features to release over the next few months.

We welcome all our old and new customers to the new improved sales site at

hi Phoenix, does this mean you have stopped your relationship with Fubra? And what will happen to the domain you used before?

Yes we have terminated our relationship with Fubra. As for what will happen to the old domain name i am unable to say at this time, as this is in the hands of our legal department.

Was just about to post asking about the news on the site, glad that development will continue for those who have already purchased your software as it wasn’t very clear from the message if you would continue to do so.

Alcohol soft have not posted this message on the old sales site, unfortunately the company who were hosting our sales “Fubra” have done this in some form of vendetta against us for not renewing their contract, however you can rest assured the sales site will be up and online at within a short space of time.

We apologise for any inconvenience and any misunderstandings caused by Fubras message on the old domain name.

Just received an email regarding this situation from support, however the new site is not accepting my email as a registered user, it just keeps telling me

Email incorrect - there is no user registred in the system with that email! Please go back and try again.

Will that be sorted out?

I can log into no problem which is email preferences

Yes we will have this problem resolved within the next 48 hours hopefully, unfortunatly Fubra have informed our lawyers that they feel your purchase and log in information is theirs and not ours, so we are unable at this time to create a data base of purchased users for the new site.

We will not release any update untill we have dealt with this problem, please be paitent or contact Fubra directly and ask them to forward Alcohol Soft your details or demand a refund from them. you can contact them at or

In the mean time we will be working on creating a user data base on the information that we do have to hand. and our lawyers will be working on having your information released from Fubra.

Is there any way to prove that we own a serial number?

Hello chriso, it is impossible at the moment one possiblillity would be a User could send his confirmation Email but untill we have the User Details we cannot cross check wether or not the User has actually purchased Alcohol, this is as annoying for us as it is for the users of Alcohol Software and you can rest assured that everything is being do´ne to solve this.

i have taken some screen shots of my name in the alcohol forum where it says customer, also on my options where is says which group member i am ( alcohol customer. Just in case i have a little bother about my purchase of alcohol 120%.

Why are we the customers being put into the middle of it? I mean I live in the U.S theres nothing I can do at all, and right now even tho I own the software I can’t download it, I didn’t pay Fubra although I understand how they fit in but I did pay your company for Alcohol it is you that I must contact to make this right. Where do I download the product I purchased, thats all I want to know. You guys need to do something to pull the customer out of the middle and honor the obligations you made. I’m not trying to pick on anyone or bash anything, but we aren’t mushrooms either. I just feel that this was something that should have been resolved way beforehand that way we weren’t caught in the middle. I mean even a link on the customer section of your own alcohol forums would be sufficient for most people, because allegedly only your customers have access to it…correct? I mean I don’t even have access to the new sales site it is either down or doesn’t work. I did email as requested, we’ll see.
One last question, what database did you guys use to send out those emails to the registered users about the front page of the Fubra alcohol site main page being bogus?

I didn’t register for the customers section of the forum. However, I think I still have my confirmation e-mail, would that be any good?

Hi kamikazee, that was done using the Support Forum Database.

The emails were sent via the support forums bulk mailing system, we removed the support forum from Fubra control some months ago as they could not keep the forum online and lost parts of the data base each time they managed to crash it. unfortunately not all our purchased users are registered on the support forum and many will not have received this mail.

We at Alcohol Soft understand our customers concerns but we do assure you that we will resolve this issue one way or another and are working towards that as quickly as we can, Although Fubra are intent on making this as difficult as they can for us, as can be seen by the message presently on the domain name web site in addition to that in a letter received from Fubras lawyers by Alcohol Soft lawyers left it very clear that Fubra regarded your information concerning serial number and registration information as their own property.

Our Client would be in breach of the Data Protection Act if it furnished your Client with personal details of any customer to which your Client was not entitled and we wish to make it clear that your Client is not the owner of our Client’s Website and is not entitled to treat our Client’s customers as if they were your Client’s own customers.

Without this information we are unable to confirm that a serial number was purchased by anyone who contacts us with a serial number, we are also unable to confirm that the serial number issued was not purchased by a credit card that was later found to be stolen or the payment recalled by the issuing bank.

kamikazee you are mistaken, you did pay Fubra and not Alcohol Soft if you read the confirmation of purchase email you received you will see

Your debit/credit card statement will show payment
to ‘The Fubra Group’ for this transaction
( is a trading style of Fubra Ltd.)

Fubra were in this instance acting as re sellers for Alcohol Soft, any legitimate claim to a refund should be made directly to Fubra

While it is not prudent of us to disclose all of the information pertaining to Fubra and Alcohol Soft at this time, you can rest assured that Alcohol soft will honour its obligations to its purchased customers both past present and future, as there is presently no update available since our last version release no one has yet been denied access to an update nor will they be.

Concerning the new sales site it is possible that some people may have had trouble reaching it simply because it takes time for the DNS to resolve, normally this is no longer than 24 to 48 hours.

I take your point concerning access to downloading the retail version from the purchased user section of the Alcohol Support Forum should we feel that this is required we will naturally make this an option.

We have already stated that the information that Fubra has posted on its website is not endorsed by Alcohol Soft and in no way reflects the position of Alcohol Soft and has been placed there by Fubra for whatever reason in an attempt to discredit Alcohol Soft and to cause its customers to loose faith in Alcohol Soft undertakings to them.

We would also like to point out that while it may be Fubra intention to use the domain name alcohol-software to dupe visitors into thinking they are purchasing Alcohol Soft products at any time in the future as indicated by Fubra in the message at that domain name

we are now working on a number of exciting new software products to help you make the most of your computer which won’t hopefully involve complex legal problems and we will be launching them on our site in the coming weeks.

Alcohol Soft assure you that none of these so called alcohol soft products will actually be developed by Alcohol Soft and would warn potential customers to think carefully before purchasing any products supposedly developed or offered for sale under the name of alcohol software on any site other than the main Alcohol soft sales site at

I hope that the above information will help to dispel any rumours and untruths that are circulating concerning Alcohol Soft and our software and put an end to the obvious attempt by Fubra to discredit Alcohol Soft in the eyes of its customers.

We maintain our position to continue the development of our software and work towards our goal of giving our customers value for money.
We thank all our customers both old and new for their support at this time
and we thank CDFreaks administration for allowing us to keep the members of its support forum updated with news and information at this time.

on behalf of the development team I thank you for your support.

General Manager
Alcohol Soft.


[Note: The message below is the misinformation published by Fubra and is NOT the true position of Alcohol. …philamber]

A message from Alcohol Software .com
Following legal advice it would appear that it would be of very doubtful legality for us to continue selling Alcohol 120%.

Therefore we have decided to terminate all such sales and activity effective from today the 30th of June 2004.

Whilst taking this advice we were also advised to warn any of our visitors who have downloaded software that circumvents copy protection that any use of the software may now be illegal in your country following wide reaching recent changes in the law in the USA and throughout the EU. Because it is a complicated matter we advise you to seek your own legal advice to satisfy yourself as to the legality of all your software if you have any concerns.

We are sorry that we have had to take this action and can assure you that we are now working on a number of exciting new software products to help you make the most of your computer which won’t hopefully involve complex legal problems and we will be launching them on our site in the coming weeks.

We thank you for your support over the past few years and hope this news doesn’t come as too much of a disappointment. We will be back very soon bigger and better.

Very best wishes,

The Alcohol Software Team!

P.S. If you are a software developer with great software and would like to work with us to promote your software please get in touch we have a number of marketing oppurtunities. Just email

@ Phoenix & Robbo : I still have my original purchase confirmation which contains my Order ID etc etc as well as the serial in order to prove I am a legitimate registered user, would this be needed as proof? Also with regard the new site, would the information contained in that email be needed to setup user names/details again?

Thanks again for advice, and wish yourselves and the alcohol team the very best in these troubling times.

Naturaly any information concerning your account on the old site would be helpfull to us, if all purchased users could please alow us a further 12-24 hours we feel we may have resolved this problem, however if after that time we have not, we will make a post here asking you to contact us with any details of your old account that you may have.

Alcohol Soft thank you for your paitents and understanding at this time.

Hi all,

After reading the news regarding Alcohol, and as a registered owner of 120% I sent an email to fubra, copied to brendan. The mail and reply are below. As you can see, they they make statements that need to be verified, and also pass the buck regarding purchase information. Anyone care to comment?

From: Brendan McLoughlin
Date: 07/01/04 23:11:51
To: Gary J
Subject: Re: Alcohol software

Hi Gary,

Firstly thanks for your email I hope I can shed some light on the
situation for you.

We have had a meeting with our lawyers yesterday and decided to cease
our legal connection with Alcohol Soft and Paul Pullen who have agreed
with us to provide you support for the product you purchased from us.

We can assure you that at the point of sale we gave them a record of
your email address and through our contract with them they had full
access to a support area to see your other details which may have
assisted them in providing you support.

If they have deleted, lost or failed to adequately store this
information in the first place in order to provide you with support
then we can do nothing about this and we would suggest the simplest
course of action is for you to provide them with your email address
again so that they can assist you from the records they should have
about your purchase.

Our company does not have the technical expertise to support this
product and the developer has undertaken in a contract with us to
provide you with this support for this very reason.

We are sorry if you feel that they have not done this in this instance
but that is a matter for you to take up with them and not us via their
email which I understand is

As you are aware we currently have your details and as we operate an
opt out policy you can email us by reply if you would like to be
removed from our database however this will prevent you from receiving
updates from us about new products that we are about to launch on which we hope you will find extremely

For clarity we are a retailer of software and not the manufacturer or
developer so as with any product you have purchased you must contact
them for the support you require we simply marketed the product on our
web site and offered it for sale but for various reasons this is no
longer the case. We are not the owners of the software Alcohol 120% or
the development company who make it Alcohol Soft.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and we wish you all
the best in the future.

Kind regards,

Thursday, July 1, 2004, 10:54:59 PM, you wrote:

> Hello,
> I’ve been made aware that you no longer support Alcohol 120% or other alcohol products.
> As I bought my lifetime licence through the original site, I wish
> for you to transfer all the log on and purchase details to Alcohol
> Soft, or refund me my purchase price as you cannot fulfil the
> lifetime support aspect of the sale contract.
> Order reference is:- Order ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Please contact me and let me know your intentions.
> Gary Jones

Looks like to me that Fubra is planning to sell another software under the same name or similar name to Alcohol, otherwise they wouldnt use that domain. In my opinion this has damaged Fubra’s reputation more than Alcohol Soft. Who in their right mind would trust Fubra now?

While i have no wish to emply that Brendan from Fubra is missleading you, i will address this question.

We can assure you that at the point of sale we gave them a record of
your email address and through our contract with them they had full
access to a support area to see your other details which may have
assisted them in providing you support.

Yes Alcohol support did have access to this information but only if we did a manual search for it on Fubra data base,following a request by a purchgased user for support in locating their serial number or password etc. Many purchasers have since changed their email details from the one they used when they purchased, so yes we could see this information but we could not know who had changed any of their details

Fubra agreed when they signed the contract with Alcohol, that they would when requested by Alcohol furnish them with all relevent user information collected by Fubra.
Alcohol and Alcohol´s Lawyers have requested this information from Fubra, however as you can see from my earler post they have replied that they feel this information is theirs and not ours, seems they are telling you one thing and their lawyer is telling us another, Ask your self, why is Fubra taking this stance, the answer is to make it as difficult as possible for us. thus discediting us in the eyes of you the purchaser of our software.

We have asked our useres who have contacted us concerning this to contact Fubra and request that Fubra forward their details to us, however at this time We have recieved no user information from Fubra, So it would seem that Fubra even feel that your requests to forward this information to us should be ignored.

The privacy policy that was on alcohol-software sales site clearly stated

Alcohol Software is a site operated by The Fubra Group on behalf of Alcohol Soft.

This you all agreed you had read when purchasing, so naturaly you assume that your information would have been passed to Alcohol Soft as Fubra were acting on behalf of us collecting your information., however this was not the case

it also states

We store your contact information if you sign up to our site so that we can contact you in regards to any problems or issues and also to keep you informed with the latest developments surrounding our products.

As the site was operated by Fubra on behalf of Alcohol Soft you would naturaly assume you would be contacted concerning Alcohol Soft products,

However it is clear from the mail you have recieved from Fubra that they will now use this information to spam you at every opertunity concerning any software they deciede to market on their site.

So much for their privacy policy.

Should anyone want the privacy policy just let me know i will post it here.

Naturaly everyone who purchase Alcohol will still be entitled to updates and support, this is our policy, however before we can add you to our data base to allow you access to downloads we requier the information you gave and or have changed since you purchased our software.

It is our oppinon that the mail you have recieved from Fubra is simply a cop out by Fubra who for reasons known only to them selfs will not only, not give us your details but they will also not give us your details after you have requested them to do so.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.