Alcohol Soft and All Firmwares alliance

It’s official :

Alcohol Soft are happy to announce that they have joined with in the aim to bring you a one stop shop for all your firmware updates.

This site will help users who are looking to update their optical drives (CD, DVD, CD-Writer, …) to the latest version or make their drives RPC-1.
This site offers for download, more than 3100 firmware’s available for a staggering 1334 units. with more being added when they are available.

So if you need a firmware update then should be the place to start.

Source :

So is this any different than the content of the CDF firmware page plus the content of Firmware-Flash pages merged together?

For the moment, all data arent visible…

If you remember I managed “VSO Software” database in the past.
Lot of features will appears in the next week… the time to have all agreements…

2 questions:

  1. Why aren’t you working for VSO anymore?
  2. Why do people need to register in order to download a firmware?

Why do people need to register in order to download a firmware?
its free isnt it and my email is private.


Why was there a need to make yet another website with a database of firmware downloads? Why would you place a quota on the number of firmwares that can be downloaded? I just don’t see any point to this site other than as a profit making venture. I have no respect for that at all.

Why don’t you give any credit to the firmware page which is obviously where you got much of your data from? It seems to me that you are profiting from much of other peoples work. Surely you’re being paid by Alcohol.

Here are some alternative sites that people can go to where you do not need to register in order to download firmwares:

For VSO : I had a car crash with one week of coma… Many month to recover health… and I decided to (temporary) stop my work for computers…

Why register…
Some firmwares are very rare, and hard to find…
all data are stored on a dedicated server… which could money each months.
Some russian site in begining, just access to our main directory and download them all…

It’s the only security option I found.
If you’ve another, I’m interested.

downloads are free.
and your email is free and won’t use in any database!
it was just a security reason as indicated above

the database won’t purpose only firmwares, but it was the first step of my project…
these firmwares, documentations, tests, i have, are more than 3years of work… and i just want to create something interesting…
For the moment the server costs 70€/months and I didn’t receive any donations…

For the credit, It’s done for patched firmwares…
for teh official, i’ll receive them and track them on constructors sites…

For Alcohol, if i worked for them, i’m suppose I should be paid, and it will be usefull for me, i could have finnally, an official work
(if someone is interested to employ me for a project… don’t hesitate to contact me!)