Alcohol setup question?

When I start the Image Making Wizard - In the bottom left corner the “Data Type” drop down appears for a second - then dissappears. So I can’t select data types. What’s up - is there a setting???

Real new to Making Backups… go easy on me.


Are you using cdr or dvd media…

I am using Memorex DVD-R

I noticed in your PS2 movie there was not a drop down for datatype either??? I reinstalled the latest trial version of Alcohol and now I have the drop down option, but as soon as I select the Writing Drive, it goes away. I’m trying to backup Halo 2 for XBOX - From what I have read here I want to use the Safedisc 2/3 Datatype.

Basically when I point the source to my burner - it always says 13.7MB and when I burn this image it’s always the same no matter what game I am trying to make a backup of.

So I guess what I really need to know is how do I use Alcohol 120% to make a backup of XBOX Games???


check the Support Forum FAQ section there is a FAQ dealing with copying Xbox Games.

I have a problem with the CDs I burnt with 120. They will play on my desktop computer, but they will not play on my sony laptop… My CD drive is a Hitachi Dk23EA-40 does anyone have any idea how I can fix this??

Thats because there is no dropdown for dvd media only cdr…
As for xbox games you cant just copy them as Robbo says follow his advice\link and you will get more info…

thanks for the excellent Alcohol 120 tutorial, but the copies are still not readable in PS2 console. Do I need the full (purchased) version in order to backup PS2 games? :bow: