Alcohol purchase

Could you please tell me where I can buy isopropyl alcohol & what is it ?-
the only alcohol I have in my house is red wine. Could you please
email me at with the answer as not sure if this site tells me when I have an answer - very much appreciated !
Jenny in Australia

Isopropyl alcohol is also called isopropanol, 2-propanol or more correctly (if you’re a chemistry student) propan-2-ol. It’s the next up in the series of alcohols: methanol, ethanol, propanol… the 2 bit means that the -OH part of the molecule is joined to the second carbon atom in the chain… but I’m getting carried away :wink:

You can buy it from chemical suppliers, and suppliers of commercial cleaning products and probably larger office/printer supply companies.



I get mine at the Pharmacy. Don’t get ‘Rubbing Alcohol’, it’s 30% water. Ask at the counter and you’ll find 91% to 99% isopropanol.

In my area, Portland Oregon, 91% and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is found side-by-side on the shelf in the first aid section of any drug store or larger grocery store. These are from Rite Aid: