Alcohol profiles not showing up

I am using the latest version of alcohol 120 and the only profile i can select is custom or alcoholer when trying to make a disc image or copy. Profiles like securom and safedisc…etc used to show up, but they are now gone. I tried to reinstall the program, but that didnt make them show up again. What do you think I can do to fix the problem?



Hi Newanda,

sounds like you deleted the .ini file in the alcohol directory which contains all the original alcohol profiles. I’m not quite sure but I think I saw them for download at the alcohol forums a while ago, just take a look at You can also reinstall alcohol and should be fine :).

I did reinstall and it didnt help or change anything. But, I will look for the profiles and see if that can do the trick.

Are you trying to burn a cd or a dvd? There aren’t any profiles/datatype settings for dvds.

custom or alcoholer
Alcoholer is not a normal option in Alcohol datatypes,(Alcohol is not associated with this software) as this software is not longer developed i would suggest you uninstall it and Alcohol, re install Alcohol and then search for A-Ray disc scanning software and use this in the future.

If I recall Alcoholer just puts a Datatype by that name into Alcohol 120% and comes with the settings you inputted in Alcoholer.