Alcohol processes to check for

Is it possible for Alcohol to make a 1:1 copy of a Securom 4.8x (e.g. GTA: Vice City) protected disc without needing a “hide ATIP” utility to run from a burner? I read the Alcohol Securom 4.8x guide which mentions that this is not possible, but for some reason my backup works…

Does anyone know which the “hide ATIP” process is in the Windows task manager? I’m running WinXP and I would like to make sure the hide ATIP check is NOT running. I unchecked the “Ignore Media Type” checkbox in Alcohol, but my backup still works.

yes it is possible .
here is the guide.

Hide Atip is not considered emulation, per se, by most people.

A lot of protected games don’t have atip checks, so your backup may run fine from your burner. If you unchecked the “Ignore Media Type” box than hide atip feature is disabled. It’s possible some other app (clonecd, blindwrite, etc…) is hiding atip.

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Yes, that’s the guide that I used to create the backup. However, I quote from that guide:

“Fact: Securom 4.8x protected cds still have an atip check and will not run from a writer (or one of the very rare dvd roms that can read an atip) without an atip hiding utility. Where copies appear to have worked from a writer without such a utility, invariably it’s because you have alcohol on your system and its “Ignore media type” is running in the background without your knowledge. (If you’ve fallen for this one, don’t feel bad about it as alcohol does lots of things behind your back and I’ve been caught out by this one once too.)”

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I’m specifically talking about GTA: Vice City, which AFAIK has Securom 4.8x, a protection that performs an ATIP check. And I only have Alcohol and Nero installed.

So uninstall alcohol, and see if you backup still works [from your burner].

I was hoping not to do that, but I guess it’s the only way to be sure. :slight_smile: Thx.


So I uninstalled Alcohol and Discjuggler, and I definitely don’t have Nero or any other software running, and my backup still works in my CD-RW drive. So I guess it is possible to make a 1:1 backup of a Securom 4.8x game that will run in a CD-RW drive.