Alcohol Problems

Hi I just got the full version of Alcohol 120% and in the physical drives it only has one of my drives not both? Also when I had the trial version you could double click on an image and it would load the image onto a virtual drive (which it does now) but it would start the game up. Now I have to go into the physical drive in my computer and select the auto run icon. Is there a setting or something that I can change?
Any help appreciated

Please post a complete system report from within Alcohol. Thanks.

Inside Alcohol > View > System Info

[I]System report removed by zamiel[/I]

I see that when you refer to “got the full version” you actually mean stole the full version, in other words, you are using an illegal version of Alcohol and therefore will not get any support here.

Support relies on sales, not theft and therefore this topic is closed.