Alcohol problem

well im tryin to burn using alcohol but it doesnt want to start. when i hit the start button after i choose an image i tells me to put a blank cd into my device the problem is that i already have a blank cd in the device and it also shows me that i have a blank cd in the device but it simply does not start ive tryed taking the cd out and putting it back in. when i take out it shows that there is no cd and when i put it back in it shows that i put a blank dvd in i have no clue wats going on i am using a SONY DVD DRU-710A. any help would be great

plz guyz anything would be a great help to me or if im just asking a stupid question tell me so that i wouldnt be wasting my time waiting for an answer that not 1 wantz to answer if itz a simple thing then i would like to know

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