Alcohol problem with my Pioneer BDR-203

Okay, well I originally had thought I had a problem with my drive after getting it, because it would NOT rip any faster then 2x ( well, 2.08x to be precise ). I did a full format of my main OS partition and quickly reinstalled Vista x64. I used Nero Disc Speed directly after the reinstall of the OS and AnyDVD, and I saw some impressive results.

My average read speed went up to 5.64x with a maximum of 7.32x near the end of the rip off a disc I created with this drive just the other day.

Now, today I went and started to install a few of what I call essential programs, which includes Alcohol 120% for all my virtual device, as well as image making needs. I attempted to use it to rip this same disc that I used in the test, so I could compare speeds to AnyDVD. Immediately I see Alcohol registering me reading at a solid 2.0x and nothing more. I started up Nero Disc Speed again, and my problem seems to have come back.

AnyDVD has no effect on this problem at all, as I’ve uninstalled it and ran the test again, still the same problem, and this only starts after I installed Alcohol. This lets me narrow it down. Any time I try to rip a BD-R with Alcohol installed my drive seems to get stuck around 2.08x or so and can not go any faster.

My BIGGEST problem here, now, is that even after I’ve uninstalled Alcohol 120% from my system, this problem still remains. Is there any easy way to work around this? Or should I not waste time trying to find a work around and just reformat again?

Any help would be much appreciated! And here’s a link to my previous post in a different forum here on CDFreaks, it has a picture of the test without Alcohol installed just after I installed Windows. Click