Alcohol Pill Can Get You Drunk Without Drinking, Researcher Says

Thanks to a new technique developed by Russian professor Evgeny Moskalev, now you can get drunk without drinking.

Moskalev has created an “alcohol pill” using a method that transforms alcohol into a powder, which can then be packed into potent pills.

“We have developed a technology that allowed us to turn any liquid solution into powder,” Professor Moskalev said.

He reports having tested his technique on liquor “containing as much as 96% alcohol content,” notes MyFoxSpokane.

Moskalev claims to be able to create an alcohol pill from just about any boozy beverage, including whiskey, cognac, beer, and wine, the Times of India reports.

Now which one of you ask for this to be made seems stupid to me.:):slight_smile:

We take pills to alter our minds in a wide variety of ways so why not add getting $hit faced drunk to the list?

Could be useful to ‘catch up’ if you arrive late at a party and everyone else is blotto, but then a few shots of Tequila would have the same effect :wink:

I did not think of this you could tell the cops when you get pulled over you did not drink anything with Alcohol in it. Isn’t it dwi drinking while driving.

DWI = driving while intoxicated
or if you’re in the UK
DUI = driving under (the) influence
Both are non-specific as to the intoxicant :slight_smile:

I have a pill I created that makes “Instant Water”, all you do is add water to it and "Voila’ , water, it’s like magic.

Put them on ebay I am sure someone will buy them

Do these pills come in liquid form in bottles of around 0.7 to 1.0 litres?