"Alcohol" or the like, for Linux?

I am on a Linux system, but all the 1-to-1 clone programs
seem to be for Windows.
Can anyone tell me what there is like Alcohol 120% etc,
for Linux?


None that I know of. A guy named Machiner came in here a couple months back insisting that Linux was an excellent platform for the duplication of CD’s and DVD’s. He was a Linux expert, and yet couldn’t show us a single program that removed anything more complex than CSS on a DVD, or ANY kind of protection on a CD. :frowning:

(Then he got mad and started calling me names because I called him on it. LOL!)

I seem to remember, from when I used Linux, that new versions of cdrecord could do a clonecd-kind of thing for duplicating protected cds. There was a nice GUI, too, that made it all simpler, but darned if I can remember how it was named.

Cool. That’s one down, 3 to go. :slight_smile: