Alcohol Number of Copies



Is there any way to get Alcohol to keep the same Number of Copies in CD Copying? IE copy cd, write twice. It keeps changing back to 1, can i create a batch or save file or something?

And another less important q, my writer’s max read speed is 40x, and when max is selected,it does not reaches around 26x. The next highest selection is 32x, which is my max writing speed. When writing, however, it does reach a peak of around 32x, as opposed to reading peaking at 26x. Weird? or expected, faster writing than reading.


How high the speed goes depends on the size if the image you are burning. you won’t see 40x unless you are burning a full disc.


i know it depends ont he amount of data, i said it was peaking at 26x. BUT… the SAME image, is being WRITTEN at 32x. are u supposed to write faster with the SAME amount of data? Ill try out a full data cd sometime, but i dont believe it even detects that it can burn at 40x, denoted by the max speeds it gives me.

aparently it detects my max read speed is 32x :frowning: wonders if theres a way to change this but the main part of the question is the discreprency between reading and writing speeds of the same image, however…

can anyone take a stab at the first question? Hopefully its very easy and im just too lazy/inexperienced to know the answer. i dont really care about the speed :rolleyes: