Alcohol ''kills'' my AverMedia card.Any HELP?ty

Hi All,
I got a problem with Alcohol. Its not only mess with my DVD/CD [minor!] but also blocks the ‘Filter’ that AverMedia TV card uses[Major!!!] and i cannt see TV. All these refered to the drivers ‘a347bus’ & a347scsi’. So any time i need to mount a file i had to install and unistall it afterwards.
But with the ‘Alcohol 120% v1.9.2.1705’ that i used yesterday the problem continues and after i unistall it!!! I remove files manually from the Registry as well as from the ‘System 32’ folder as well as i cut the 2 files [‘a347bus’ & a347scsi’] from the ‘driver’ folder but still nothing!!![Got Asus NVidia motherboard and ATI 9600pro gr. card if that helps!!!]

After 6 Hours:
I read previous users reports with similar problems and i managed to clear my pc from the GOHST drivers but for that i had to erase the ‘‘plug & play drivers’’ from the Device Manager. Now i re-install the TV card but there isnt working even after i re-installed and the motherboard drivers!!! Any other suggestions before i do the format? :sad: :sad: :sad:

No help???I hate doing format for a 8MiB program!!! I a;ready tried all the previous FAQ suggestions but no such luck so if u have any…any idea except format pls express it now!!! I am giving u a screen shot of the message as well. Thanks anyway!

As you have discovered, earlier versions of Alcohol did not enable this driver untill you turn on virtual drives, and would disable them after you turn off virtual drives. Not so with recent versions. You will also find the driver in Device Manager under SCSI controllers. You can disable it there, but it re-installs at reboot.

It’s just one of the reasons I no longer will install or run this program. I wish you luck, and suggest you look for alternative programs to use.


1stly, ty for ur interest
2ndly i erase everything from the registry as well as from the devise manager that i read [the last 7 hours!!!] at the previous persons posts that is related to Alcohol. Still nothing an certainly i am not only not gonna use it again but i am thinking to sue the company for my wasted time if i will be forced to do a format!!! I just did it last week and spent to days for updating and installing programs!!!ty anyway!

My experience has been that uninstalling the program removed the driver. Perhaps one of your other drivers is being corrupted, and still has problems even after Alcohol is removed. :confused:

I’m on a fresh install now and will not even try messing with this program. It typically conflicts with removable device drivers like USB drives, card readers and the like. Sounds like your TV thingy may emulate one of those. You might look for updated drivers for all your hardware.

They use the same bus. Thats something i knew and thats why i was unistalling Alcohol everytime i finished using it. The problem now is that even after unistalling Alcohol, deleting Registry, deleting all plug and play drivers and…and it still occupied ‘‘that’’…that my TV card also uses!!!The first time that i didnt know it i had to re-build my pc from the begining software and hardware so as to find what was going on!!! Although i am a computer network proffessor and i tried all my tricks and knowldge as well as others, i dont see any solution:(