Alcohol Images

Hi there, I’m a real newbie at imaging

All I want to do is use Alcohol 120% to put images of my games on the virtual drives. My question is, how do I determine the security on the disks? is there a program I can use or a site I can look it up at? I have clony, but does it work with alcohol images?

thanks for any help you can give

Did you download the images or make them yourself?

Well Cloney will tell you the protection on the disc. Then all you need to do is start Alcohol and use the correct profile. So for example, if Cloney tells you that it is protected with SafeDisc 2.5 then you would use the Safedisc 2 profile in Alcohol…

Or use my prog. to select right profile. Link is in my signature

thanks for the help everyone, I’ll give it a try tonight…