Alcohol image and Deamon Tools

I have image in CloneCd format but made by Alcohol .
This game is protected by SafeDisc 2.9.40 and I can’t
write it on CD on my burner LTR-24102B.
But when I use a Deamon-tools it’s work without problem.

It possible use a Blindsuite 4.4 to read from Deamon-tools drive and create working copy on cd-r?

Did you install the game from a virtual drive? If so, uninstall and re-install from the drive you want to use to play the back-up copy.

Most recent safedisc protected games are “hot-wired” to run only from the installation drive (unless you do some registry hacking).

Other things to check:

Do you have clonecd’s hide cdr media running? If so, your copy won’t work because it’s blacklisted by sd 2.9.

Are you trying to run the game from a writer? If so, make sure you have the latest version of alcohol installed (to beat the blacklisting) and that Ignore medis type is enabled.

You might also make a further image of the cd using alcohol’s native mds/mdf format. If you intend to burn images with alcohol, there is no reason to use anything other than its native format (except where you want to patch an image of a securom 4.8x protected cd with twinpeak and, obviously, that doesn’t apply here).

Your writer is quite capable of making working copies of sd 2.9 protected cds with alcohol.

Yes I install this game from virtual drive.
Today I try reinstal it from CD-Rom and see what happend.

I don’t use CloneCd hide-cdr media.


Not work:(

I install game from DVD-ROM and don’t work.

But when I use a image from Virtual drive it’s run.

When I remove image from virtual drive and try run it from
CD I have this message:

The instruction at “0x100548ed” referenced memory at
“0x00ax8000”. The memory could not be “read”.

I have a similar problem with … dont laugh … Farscape … The original runs fine, and the back-up image runs fine through Alcohols Virtual Drive, but when I burn the disc, it asks for the CD. Damn strange, I dont know what causes it.