Alcohol & Emulation


I have Alcohol 120% to try something to understand CD protection and Raw reading…

Under Alcohol, there is 3 options of emulation:

  • Bad Sector
  • Subchannel
  • LaserLock

Can someone tell me what Alcohol do if this are enabled ?

Exemple for bad sector:
What does Alcohol do when a bad sector is reading…
It send a fack sector fill with 0x0 or other value ?

Exemple fo bad sector:
Does he de interlivied the subchannel ?

Exemple for LaserLock:
What is laserlock ?

Thanks in advance



Can i ask you what i do wrong for no one reply me on this board ?
(If it’s my bad english, i’m so sorry it’s not my natural language, so sorry…)



Nope, not your description, it’s more to do with the subject… those questions are specific to Alcohol and obviously not a standard thing for people to know. I guess the proper person that can reply is the author of that program.