Alcohol + EFMUnsupport vs. SD

first of all,
hi im new member here :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve got a question
1>i got Samsung’s SM332B that is EFM unsupported (checked it at elby’s website)
2>i got an image file from my friend
2.1>it is image file of SD2.80.010 protected game
2.2>it can play correctly when i emulate it to virtual drive

now the question is,
Can i burn it correctly without problem?

or i have to use emulate weak sector from CloneCD


you can’t burn it without a problem, cuz it’s your mate’s cd - guess that’s a problem, ain’t it???
moreover, you wouldn’t be able to burn it anyway cuz if your drive doesn’t support efm you’re pissed off.

Hi mireka,

2>i got an image file from my friend
I´m sorry,but I personaly don´t think questions ´bout this matter is suitable in this forum.
HELP this STUPID to become PRO
That´s more like it./gs.:wink: