Alcohol Easy Build Disc - Adds mastering capabilities

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mapi used our newssubmit to tell us that Alchol Software has released screenshot on their forum announcing a new addition to their software. Alcohol Easy Build Disc will be added to the package and…

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authoring seems very good. i’m just wondering if we’ll have a ‘on-the-fly’ option in a future alcohol update. that’ would be veeeery nice

CloneCD should incorporate this in the future versions of their software… Would be nice to add extra files to a CloneCD image using the smae program…

hypnosis4u2nv if you add files to a protected cd image, the cd will not work (at least if you do not use crack) We had tried to ask vemon to add this feature to dt but he told us it is impossible.

Man, I understand how it wont work if the program is checking the file size of the CD itself… but since we are talking about bad sectors, Illegal TOC’s, etc where its not really size pertinent, adding an addition 25mbs to a image does not seem to far fethched… It would depend on the protection I think…

I use CloneCD to copy cd, but when i need to masterize a 8 cm-20 min cd with mp3 fro my portable player i have to use nero, which writes a huge lead-in and eats a lot of space. If Alcool can mix the powerful copying functions of say CloneCD and some simple capability related to mastering (done the right way) that’s ok for me. :wink: