Alcohol+DVD @ 1x speed

The new trial of Alcohol 120% doesn’t allow to select 1x speed for DVD writing! Since I have the 2x4all firmware, but some media I have is not good for 2x, i need the possibility to manually set 1x speed…
and btw 1x DVD speed is 1385 kB/s, not 1200.

It seems to have issues with image files larger than 4 GB as well.

Have not tried Alcohol for writing dvd’s but
perhaps you tried to make an image on a fat/fat32 formatted HD?

You should use NTFS because FAT cannot go beyond 4 Gigs.

Ah, I didn’t express clearly what I intended to say.

I have an image file of 4,30 GB (created with DVD Maestro), and Alcohol doesn’t write it. After 0,30 GB, it thinks that the file is over.