Alcohol disables EAC, Smartburn.exe


It seems whenever I install Alcohol 120% it causes problems with my burner. Exact Audio Copy won’t recognise that there’s a drive there at all - just shows no drives in the drop-down list. Also running smartburn.exe from Liteon, it always comes up with an “Unknown” cd type. As soon as I uninstall Alcohol and reset, everything goes back to normal.

I really like Alcohol and would consider purchasing it, but only if this problem can be sorted out… Any ideas?

Liteon 48125W - VS08 - Secondary Master
1.2GHz Duron

Edit: using Alcohol 1.3.5

In Options…under emulation…uncheck ‘Ignore Media Type’

it’s a known problem…smartburn fails to work when you have alcohol installed…search for thread under my username and you’ll see why…

Originally posted by jlatas
In Options…under emulation…uncheck ‘Ignore Media Type’

That fixed it, thanks :slight_smile: