Alcohol,deamon tools,nero image drive PROBLEMS!

Well I could say I have a lot of problems hihi.Over the time I have allways used these 3 programms and I did not have any problems using them but now every time I try to install any of these 3 prog. my computer freezes and my CPU is on 100%!!!I must do a system restore after the installation.When I activate Nero Image Drive or deamon tools or alcohol this problem occures.I just dont know what is the problem or what to do!!I really need these prog. to play some games or do other things so if anyone can help me please do so.I think that this is a driver conflict problem but I dont know which other prog. is cousing the trouble.These 3 prog. are not installed at the same time only one of them but non of them works and all of them have the same issue.THANX

You should try installing them in a different order and see which was the last you installed then work from there as to which one is causing the problem

well phoenix every one of them is cousing the same problem.My pc just freezes when i start them.

If all three are causing you problems i would start to think its not the programs but something on your PC thats the root of the problem, have you thought of a clean install of your OS

I allso think that some other programs are causing the problem.But I dont know which!!!I dont have to reinstall OS again because I did thet 1 mounth ago hihi :slight_smile: !!!Maybe a DVD decrypter or some other programs I just dont know but thanx anyway.Maybe I will reinstall OS again :bow: