Alcohol + Daemon tools COD2 not working

I made image files of all my call of duty 2 CD’s using the Safedisk option in Alcohol but when I mount the play image on Daemon tools it says it has the wrong CD in.

Also, I patched Deus Ex: Invisible War and it brought the protection up to SecuROM 5.00.02 so now my image doesn’t work for that either. I have all the emulations checked in Daemon tools but it still won’t work. I also looked at the tips forum but couldn’t find anything on just mounting images.

Any help would be greatly apreciated even though this question has probably been asked at least 9,678 times.

burning image files ( .mds and .mdf ) with nero ( not alcohol ) on your dvd and mounting via dvd burner on Daemon Tools ( v 4.0 not 4.03 ) .

For me no problem

sd hide v1.2 works fine for COD 2 :wink:

sd hide v1.2 works fine for COD 2
How does this work with COD 2? The sofware does not appear to be related, please explain how or what this software does.