Alcohol crashes immediatly when i try to start it :(



Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew why Alcohol 120 crashes immediatly, before it even opens.

Right after I click on the icon, I get a Error–Send/Don’t Send dialog box from Mircosoft. <-- actually three of these in a row, one right after another.

I used to use it no problem, but havn’t used it in like 3 months. Now i’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled it (including rebooting when it told me to). Still no luck.

Can anyone help? P.S., I’ve added no hardware or software except a logitech webcam since I used it Alcohol. Even then, I didn’t install the software, only the driver.

Oh yeah, and I also upgraded Winamp and Skype.



I suggest that you send a system report to so that the alcohol support people can look into your problem.


If you have lvprcinj.dll on your system visit logitech website and update it to version 9.5.0