Alcohol Compress Image

Can a image made by Alcohol be compressed to fit in a standard 700MB CDR??

try zipping it or raring it.

winzip can be found at:

winrar at:

might work, might give no compression at all, just gotta try it.

Don’t know why you’d want to compress it, because each time you wanted to use the image, you’d have to extract it. And i am assuming you are talking about using an image for the new securom correct?

Another solution would be to buy 90 or 99 minute cd-rs. You can find some here, its where i bought mine:

note this might not be readable in all drives and cd players but the computer should be able to handle it just fine just as my sony discman can.

You can also use one of those free programs that breaks files up into multiple files. So just split the image and burn em on two standard CD-Rs.