Alcohol Can't Copy New Securom

Hi there,

i testet alcohol, because i want to know if its as good as everybody is saying about !

So i decided to backup my original Unreal Tournament 2003, which was uncopyable by clone cd.

made an image with DPM and burned the image…
the image runs fine, because i activated the emulation of alcohol (safedisk etc ).

then i tested the burned cd on anther computer without alcohol.
it dosent start.

right, that only blindwrite with bwa is able to backup unreal t 2003, so that there is no need to have this software installed?
because the backup with blindwrite worked in my 2. pc !

ah jeah, and if it dosent works , why should i burn dpm an the cd?? it has no sense for me, because it emulates it, why burn it???
and what for importing bwa files in alcohol?? it cant burn it as stand alone working image right?

another question…
if i have older images, that havent copied the protection, like safedisk 1, can i play them without cracks if i enable the safedisk emualtion ?
that would be ultracool if alcohol can do this !

Masterblaster !


So Unreal Tournamet 2003 is pretected with Securom New v4.

Alcohol can make working backup but on a computer where are you running must be RMPS emulation activated. New daemon-tools or alcohol can handle that.

Blindwrite can also make copy of securom new but there is also emulation from version some version.

So Alcohol rulezz.


Yes it is capable of backing it up if done right…


Blindwrite doesn’t need emulation to make a working copy of securom new!

Alcohol SUCKS!

doesn’t need ?
Try to uninstall blindwrite and see if the game starts…

Yes try it and than talk here.

umm I backed up unreal tournament 2003 with blindwrite the game worked in writer without hiding atip! 1 week later I formatted my hdd after installing drivers, I installed ut2k3 (very first prog) from the back up and played it with the same results.

blindwrite doesn’t need emulation! ALCOHOL DOES

Try to run it on other cd-rom. My friend has 5 drivers on non working with BlindWrite. Alcohol=All cdroms.

So ???

works everywhere

you people should take the time to know what you’re talking about. As it stands you don’t know jack sh*t!

As it stands you don’t know jack sh*t!

I rest my case

On how many writters will copy from BlindWrite work??? On my both work but friends non.

every one i’ve tried

You have some special devices. :eek: OK i finish. My opinion is that Alcohol is better than BlindWrite .FINISH

dont think so i just know how to burn without help i.e. alcohols emulation

So post here those settings

quick explanation

start blindread check extract subcodes press next, check nibble then read the disc.
Make a .bwa file with bwa builder save the bwa the same name as the image in the same folder

start blindwrite on cd image verification press start it will tell you how to burn it (what to select) when you start to burn it will get the bwa and make a nice new back up

Ok. Enough guys. Not much is achieved by either of you saying alcohol/blindwrite sucks whilst the other is the divine’s gift to the universe.

If you want to copy securom 4.8x without emulation, blindwrite 4.2.5 or clonecd/twinpeak is the way to go. Works for most people but not everyone.

If you don’t mind emulation or non-emulation methods don’t work for you, then alcohol with RMPS or blindwrite >4.2.8 with autoplay is the way to go.

Problem with emulation copies though is that other software must be installed on the system for the copy to work.

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