Alcohol can read Dual Layer DVD to Single Layer

Is the latest Alcohol 120% capable of reading Dual Layer DVDs such as movies and making a backup to single layer DVDRs, automated of course?

No alcohol cant do this
for this you will need a program like dvdshrink (free) or maybe anydvd\clonedvd combo

I have been using Nero Recode2 with AnyDVD. It works great. My DVD writer is a NEC ND3500 dual layer. Recode2 shrinks down originals and burns the blank 4.7G DVD(-R and -RW in my case) with the entire movie including all menu’s and features, or, if you choose, just the Main Title. AnyDVD does the CSS thing in the background. I already had Nero6 for my audio disc composer so the Recode2 feature was a real happy surprise when I used it . I bought 123CopyDVD before I realized that great job Recode2 could do. The copy with 123copyDVD was lousy when compared to the one Nero Recode2 could do. The 123CopyDVD backup had some bad ‘tileing’ effects, whereas the Nero Recode2 backup had no such artifacts in the picture. All menus and features worked great.
Also, Nero Recode2 tells you which layer it is writing, even if it’s a one layer disc your writing to.