Alcohol burns progressively to top speed



I have a NEC-6500A burner and I flashed to the 2.xx version firmware. I’m using Alcohol 120 v1.9.2 b1705 and Taiko Yuden 8x DVD+R media. It now allowed me to burn at the top speed, 8x. The problem is it only burns at 8x during the last ten percent. :confused: It would start at 2x, then slowly to 4x, then to 6x, then end with 8x. How do I make it so it burns at 8x the entire time?
Thanks for all your help.


Not possible. No 8x dvd writer writes at 8x throughout the burning process. If burning an image of a full disc, whilst there is some variation, typically an 8x writer will burn at 4x for the first 10% or so, will increase to 6x until about the 40% mark and then burn at 8x for the remainder of the disc.


Exactly right. If you do a speed test using Nero you’ll find the exact same thing. Considering the inside of the disc spins more slowly than the outside, if a say a 16x writer started at 16x from the beginning of the write, the outside of the disc would be moving so fast you may find shattered pieces of the disc strewn all through your drive.:slight_smile: