Alcohol Burning Speed Help

Hi all,

I am having a problem with the burn speeds I can select. I am burning some images onto cd’s and want to burn at slower speeds to ensure no errors and better quality. The problem is that alcohol won’t let me select anything slower than 16x. My computer isn’t the flashiest thing in the world so I need to drop the speed to 8 or 4X. Thanks in advance.

You can burn no slower than what your burner will offer, and it would be wise to avoid trying to do so [for quality’s sake]. All you can do is avoid using your computer while it’s burning.

Besides, burning slower usually doesn’t make better discs, unless you run into buffer under runs frequently. And even then, if your drive has buffer under run protection, it will probably not impact write quality significantly.

What is your setup like, specification-wise?

Is your drive on the supported drive list?

i have the same problem but mine doesnt go lower than 48X!!

Please send a complete system report to and reference this thread.