Alcohol build 4327 fails to load virtual device

Hello! I have currently installed the above version however after installation virtual device is installed after few minutes but fails to load and consequently the application crashes soon after it comes up to the desktop. Drwatson takes over and that is the end of it
Any advice? Thanks

Please post a complete system report from within Alcohol.

Alcohol comes up to the desktop for few seconds the closes out. No hope to get a sys report because the interface just does not respond.
On the other hand I disabled the virtual drive and still have had the same problem

Have you tried installing in safemode

WQell not but is a good idea I suppose because the system loads a minimum of drivers
So what do you suggest I should do once I find it may run onk on safemode?

I have installed in safemode, still the same thing occurs
I believe it is a conflict between drivers but How can I find out what is causing this?

Have you had a look in the Application Event viewer for a possible cause?

yes and does not report anything unusual thought I still suspect of driver conflicts whenever I install the trial the OS begins to behave in weird manner. For instance some applications come up to the desktop twice then one closes out immediately leaving the other open such behavuoir is most repeated with Total Commander perhaps because it manages or show all drives.

Have you tried to install SPTD separately from Alcohol? This is available from the Daemon Tools website.

No but now that you mentioned SPTD looks more and more like a culprit driver to me. Whay should I install it in my sys? Will it improve my chances of get alcohol working?

It is an integrel part of Alcohol, you requier it for virtual drive function.

Looks like a Boot Bus Extender
So you mean is a propietary or owned by alcohol and installed by it?
Is it used to boot?

It is installed with Alcohol as it is the integral driver for the virtual drive.

Sorry won’t continue any more postings given up on this problem wasted too much time already on a not too clear issue of drivers conflicts.
I see quite a few more posts on almost the same topic so I’ll read on