Alcohol BSOD with Nero7

I had Nero 7 installed after i installed alcholo 120% when login to the desktop it just automatic restart and BSOD.

I took of the VAX347b drive from alcohol from the win system32 drive and solve the problem but now i can’t use the alcohol.

Could some1 tell me is it conflict with nero7 or any patches?
I need to use the Virtual drive function from alcohol


Install Nero then Alcohol.

I’m running both without any problems. Just make sure the Alcohol virtual drive is after your CD/DVD-writers (ie physical drives as e, f, g, h and virtual drive as q, r, s,)


Should work fine that way.

I did this nero install then alcholo but i got BSOD before my desktop finish uploading all the systemtray

the problem is the vax347bus.sys

Anyway to enconter this problematic?