Alcohol and Win XP x64



HI all new here and this is my first post so I will try not to get too noobish on you. Anyway I’ve just recently upgraded my OS to Windows XP Pro x64 and it’s running great. Only problem with it, is it’s not to compatable with alot of programs out there. The problem is if the installer is 16bit it wont install, has to be a 32bit or 64bit installer. Thinking of going back to just regular WinXP.

Anywhy my main problem is I’m trying to back-up my game Jedi Knight Jedi Academy I have used A-Ray Scanner and Identified the SecuRom 4.8 on it. Been reading around and found the thred that explains how to use Alcohol to backup the game “Alcolol comes up with an ERROR while installing” only becuse of my x64 OS. I guess it’s either go back to normal Win XP or wait for Alcohol to come out with an installer for x64. Unless! you the experts here know of another program that can back up with the SecuRom 4.8

If not, its ok for now, I might just go back to using normal WinXP becuse of the problems still with WINXP x64.


You answered your own question. :slight_smile:


I suggest before going back to XP you do a little more research as to burning applications and 64 bit compatibility, there are a couple that can possibly do the trick, so don’t jump to soon, Alcohol may not be ready but others are.