Alcohol and safedisc 3.15



iam new to alcohal 120% backed two with it so far. iam trying sd.3.15 having trouble, read alot of threads here but still.i own two games iam trying to back up .could someome tell me how to use alcholer it doesnt have instuctions whats this twin peaks?
i know its used with 120% but how? i need some advice thanks.peanch.


Depending upon your writer’s capabilities you should use alcohol’s safedisc or safedisc 2/3 datatype settings to try to make a working copy.

However, as the ability to make working copies of sd 3.15 protected cds is very much dependant upon the capabilities of your hardware, it may not be possible with your system.

Let us know what reading/writing devices you have and we can provide better advice.

[Note: alcoholer is outdated and you don’t need it. Note also: twinpeak is used for securom back-up copying. It has no application for safedisc protected cds.]


lg burner and plextor burner are good for safedisc


Not to forget -> LiteON Burners


oh i forgot