Alcohol and Pioneer 115DBK



I cannot make an image a Securom protected game (Lego Star Wars)

The DPM cannot be read correctly

Some month ago I wrote a mail to Alcohol support and they told me that the Pioneer was not in the “supported” list.

So to burn the image I had to use my laptop with an old Mashita Cd burner.

Is there any change that the Pioneer soon can be used with Alcohol 52?

Thanks & regards


To get support added for your drive you need to send a complete system report to requesting that support be added for your drive.

Please note that this process may take awhile and requests for drive support should be made directly to Alcohol-Soft rather than a third party forum, else your message may never get seen by our Support Team.




Hello Zamiell,
I did for long time ago.
Dave from your support sent me the zip with the patch for the latest drives update, but the Pioneer was not listed…

He told me it would have been fixed in the next Alcohol 52 release…

Since then no new release or new patch, which I checked in your Forum before posting here.
The patch with the drive present in the forum now is the one I have… already

System report was sent to him too, but did not help.
I deleted the mail, but I remember his name…