Alcohol and New Securom 4.8x

What people fail to realize about Alcohol is that it can make a copy of Securom 4.8x that doesn’t require emulation. I say this because it supports Clone images. All you do is create a clone image with Alcohol, run Blackchecks Twinpeaks program to add the twin sectors, then burn the modified image with Alcohol. So, if you don’t mind emulation, use the RMPS method, if you DO mind emulation use the Clone/Twinpeaks method, either way you win. Alcohol isn’t ALL bad. :bigsmile:

Yes, you can use the Twinpeak method using Alcohol, TwinPeak and BWA Builder from the BlindWrite Suite. The TwinPeak tool will work with CloneCD’s images and BWA for DPM.
You should create the DPM info using Alcohol because is much more accurate and then convert it to BWA, using the BWA Builder.