Alcohol and K-Probe problems

Hallo. I have an LiteON 1673S burner (FW JS05). Running on Windows XP. I´ve downloaded a new version of K-Probe 2.43 because is this soft should be great for testing Lite-On drivers. Anyway, when I try to run the program, a typical microsoft´s Blue screen of death appears saying something like the system Windows is shutting down your computer to prevent hardware be dabaged. Or something like that. Then the computer just shut down.

Anyway, on the BSOD I can see that this problem has appeared because Alcohol´s system buses (I can see their names there). I tried to reinstall Alcohol and K-Probe, but w/o any success. When I uninslall Alcohol, K-Probe runs fine.

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there any solution how to solve this situation?

why not send the minidump to Alc Support then we can see what caused the crash.

Ok, but how do I do this minidump?

look under \windows\minidump.