Alcohol and Easy CD-DA Conflict



If i have only Easy CD-DA (7.0.5) installed every Audio protection can be done (after sub-code analyse).

But when i additionaly install Alcohol (1.9.2) sub -code analyse isn’t possible anymore and so every copy (e.g Cactus Data Shield faild)

Any idea ???



That is not a problem with Alcohol but with CD-DA Extractor. Maybe disabling all Alcohol’s emulations will do the trick. Contact the CD-DA Extractor author for support.


Hej Lvsitano,

thanks for replay.

It MUST be a problem with Alcohol 1.9.2 or its scsi device or other components. Even if i delete Alcohol and its drivers in the system-manager completely and install Easy CD-DA new, sub-code analyse in Easy CD-DA function and produce 100% working and protection-free seperate files of every audio-copy-protected-disc (CDS 200 etc)!!!



I don’t think the problem relies in the Alcohol’s virtual driver. You should contact the Easy CD-DA Extractor author and let him know the problem, and he may fix the issue.