Alcohol 52% -Vista - UltraISO - mounting problem

hi all
hope you can help with a problem I am having using the free Alcohol 52% with Windows Vista and UltraISO. The problem is I cant use the programs together like I can in Windows XP. I want to be able to right click and mount images and double click to open them with UltraISO. The only way to get UltraISO to open all the different extensions is to choose it as the open with filetype. Once I done that I loose the right click menu option that has the mount using Alcohol and cant restore that ability. This all as i say works fine in Windows XP so Vista seems to be the main problem or maybe Alcohol need a way to make sure it can get the mount menu back as right now the extentions are still checked but it no longer working. These are 2 great program as I have a lot of images I work with
and I would like to get a fix :slight_smile: