Alcohol @ 2 Sheep Burner Help With Halo Backup


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use Alcohol’s SafeDisc profile for reading and writing as your burner is able to create a ‘1:1’ backup.

Your Caps Lock seems to be stuck on. I suggest getting a new keyboard if you can’t turn it off.

Scan the Halo disc with Aray scanner and see what protection is on it. I would then suggest you use Alcohol to make your copy. Use the profile that is the same as what Aray scanner said the protection was. If your not sure then post the copy protection and someone will guide you further.

HALO is protected by Safedisc 2.70.030.

Just use the corresponding profile in Alcohol 120% and there should be no problems.

However, as you have a 2-sheep burner, you need to disable ‘Bypass EFM Error’.

if it is SafeDisc 2 then you can use the SafeDisc profile as this is the same as the SafeDisc 2/3 profile expect for the fact that ‘Bypass EFM Error’ has been switched off by default.

Thanks all for the help . I have used the saftdisc 2/3 profile and HALO is protected by Safedisc 2.70.030 and i have diabled ‘Bypass EFM Error’. the fineshed disk will not work it starts to run as the Original then i click play, then and Error, saying please insert Halo Disk or something like that. Im not sure how to set the profile is that simple select SaftDisc 2/3 . and diabled ‘Bypass EFM Error’ Thanks all

You must enable Ignore Media Type from the Alcohol Emulation options if running from a burner.

Good Luck!

and maybe you should read and write at low speed… 4x (or max.) 8x for sd 2.7+ should work…
search the forum, safedisc was discussed many times here, you should find enough material for making a good backup with HALO’s “low-danger” protection, compared to others… :slight_smile:

I tryed all of the above no luck.will try reading and searching the forum. next Question. is it an exact backup copy of halo, or some kind of emulation because the finished disk will not work on a pc without alcohol sorry for taking so long to get back work 3rd shift

Shouldn’t be a big deal for your Asus. Maybe you try it again using a CDRW and using slow speed like Razor1982 recommended and just SafeDisc profile! What drive are you using to run the backup from another PC, is it a CDRW or DVDRW drive?

I have been using a cdrw disk + durned at 4* speed. I’ve used saftdisc and saftdisc 2/3 profile. I could be setting things up in alcohol wrong I’ve been using a laptop the drive is a QSI cdrw/dvd SBW-241.

As it is a CDRW you need to hide the ATIP code using Alcohol, CloneCD or BlindWrite otherwise the SafeDisc guard modul ‘knows’ it’s a backup.

I made a backup with a cd-r and tried it on another pc and it worked ,the pc has a newly installed xp pro with no alcohol ,or clonecd. ever installed. it works on a K hypermedia KHCRW522452, and not on a Sony DRU-500A

hi i finally found a forum where somone was successful with burning halo. first of all, it is halo pc ur talking about and not for xbox? if it is for pc i need help burning it. what settings did u use to burn it? did u use safe disc or safe disc 2/3 profile, and did u disable anything?

would my settings be any different? i have the latest version of the alcohol trial and i have the full version 6 of Nero. i have a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1213S burner and a second LITE-ON SOHD-167T DVD reader.


Use your DVD-RW drive and alcohol 120% - use the “safedisc” profile, read and write at 4x speed, enable “ignore media type” in alcohol’s emulation options. Start the game from your backup - should work fine. :slight_smile:

lol, last night i did almost the exact thing before u posted today. i read and copied the image at 4x using safedisc profile. that took about an hour. i thought it’d never work. then i burned the image using the dvdrw and with the safedisc profile and at 8x speed, which was the lowest it let me choose, and that took about 10 to 15 min. i tried the backup and that successfully worked! i am so happy! :slight_smile:

thanks anyway for your advice. i used the offline manual cd freaks provided and it helped so much. i used the method for a sheep 2 burner but i wasnt sure if i was supposed to use the sheep 0 and 1 method but the sheep 2 method worked so i guess it was the right one.

though, i’m still not sure how to tell the type and model of my DVD drives unless i already these are it: LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1213S burner and a second LITE-ON SOHD-167T DVD reader. i never found these on any burner lists so i dunno what they’re compabitable with.
nevertheless, thanks everyone.