Alcohol 195.3823 Drives Letters Out Of Order

Any new info regarding a fix for the mixed up alphabetical order of the virtual and physical drives?

Why dont you just use the management module in windows, and assign the letters you want for each drive and forget all about it?
(rightklick “my computer” and select “manage”, look for “discmanagement” or similar.) (i got a swedish system, sorry if anything is amess, im working from faint memories.)

Not quite sure what you are asking here, do you wish to list physical drives before the virtual one(s)? There is an option in the program preferences to do just that.

If that is not what you are after, than ignore the above. I would ask if you could restate the question with a little more information so someone could assist you better.

Thanks for your replies. With this new version my physical drives appear (in alcohol) in mixed up order, ie. J,H,G,I. The virtual drives display in reverse order, from bottom to top, ie. Z, Y, X, W - which is opposite from the way all previous versions worked, is counterintuitive and a little hard to get used to.

These are certainly minor issues, I was just wondering whether anyone else has observed them as well. I’m running windows xp sp2.

Oh, I see what you’re saying now. No such problems here, behavior is no different from previous versions for me.

This is only a guess as to what’s happening, I would suspect that Alcohol is listing your physical drives based on port location and not drive letter. Drive letter’s can be dynamic, while the connection port or ID channel is specific. You may consider reassigning drive letters to fix the order listing.

I am pretty certain someone from the development team will be very quick to point out my errors if that is the case.


Can you PM me a system report from within Alcohol so i can look into this

I notice the same thing. It lists correctly in Explorer, but is out of alphabetical and neumerical order in the right-click context menu when you click on an ISO or MDS/MDF and select the “Mount Image” submenu option.

As Phoenix suggests, can you PM him a complete System Report from within Alcohol so he can look in to the problem for you.

Well, it doesn’t really bother me that the letters are out of order. It’s no big deal, I just added my comment to let you guys know that the Topic Creator was not crazy, which seems to be the general concensus.

BTW, a system report would not do much, since I know for a fact that this problem has occured on a few different computers with different hardware configurations. It’s a problem with Alcohol-- not the machine, OS, installation, or configuration setup.

And the report helps the DEV Team track down the issue to get it fixed sooner. It seems funny how everytime a system report is requested here that the majority refuse to provide one.

Not quite sure how you drew that conclusion and it seems silly for me to say, at no point did I ever question the OP intent or his capabilities.

I have my theories about that, as I’m sure you do as well.

Maybe that’s because SOME people have pirated versions of Alcohol and don’t want to expose themselves by giving the company a system report.

Actually, I don’t even know HOW to get the report. I guess it’s an option or something… I’ll look around for it

Ok I found it. It’s in the menu [VIEW > SYSTEM INFO]… & just PM’ed it to him (Phoenix) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as a follow-up, this will be fixed in the next update. Thanks Phoenix! This wasn’t even my problem, but I’m still glad its getting solved :slight_smile: